Jugger. Der Sport aus der Endzeit, Archiv der Jugendkulturen 2010

Jugger. A post-apocalyptic Sport for all Occasions, Morrisville 2008

Ran an die Pompfe! Pädagogische Chancen einer neuen Sportart, 2011

Juggern. Der Trendsport, Verlag an der Ruhr 2006

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It is done! You may download the current version of the Jugger handbook for free here.
If you refer to this file, please set your link to this site (//jugger.uhusnest.de/en_juggerbook.shtml), not to the file itself - the link will be broken with the first update. This is a work in progress!

Titel Jugger is a fast, furious new team sport, based on a post-apocalyptic movie. It is spectacular but harmless, well suited for school and university sport clubs - a unique blend of martial art experience, teamplay and creativity.

This is the translation of the very first book on Jugger ever written. It offers history, the rules, illustrated step-by-step pomfey making, teambuilding, organizing tournaments, a discussion on sport as violence prevention method and worksheets.
Please note that this book is not intended to dictate Jugger rules. It is merely a detailed introduction, including deep insights into how this sport is currently played, mainly at the Jugger League in Germany, but also in Australia and other countries. Feel free to experiment and to find your own perfect style!

This is a work in progress. The beta lacks lots of international informations that will be implemented with the next update. So come around some time to have a look for newer issues!

In the meantime, you also can have a look at Uhus Jugger Tutorials on YouTube (look here for the Facebook page). Welcome!